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Benefits of Variable Frequency Drive in Grinder

Grinder is a machine that crushes large-size solid materials to required size. The grinder consists of rough grinding device, fine grinding device and wind conveying device, it completes the process of grinding by high-speed impact. Wind is used for powdering in one time, and it eliminates the traditional screening procedure. It’s mainly used in mine, building materials and many other industries.

Grinder has a higher yield under the premise of a same grinding fineness, it’s suitable for the grinding process of mineral materials in the metallurgy, building material, chemical industry, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower, refractory, steel and other industries. As a kind of high-power machinery, it would increase the company’s cost due to high-intensity work and massive energy consumption every day. Nowadays, with the rise of energy-saving industry, more and more industrial machines begin to use variable frequency drive to save costs.

Benefits of using VFD in the grinder:
  1. The most direct advantage is that the speed of grinder motor can be adjusted freely according to the technological requirements, thus improving the work efficiency and saving unnecessary power consumption.
  2. Smooth and stable start-stop can protect motor and mechanical equipment, thus extending the service life of grinder. 
  3. It has the excellent over-current protection function, such as the heavy motor load caused by material block or leakage of lubricating oil. If only the VFD prevention current is properly set, it can well protect the motor and prevent it from burning out under overload. 
  4. The most common advantage of VFD is that it can improve the power factor to achieve the energy-saving effect. It’s not obvious for small motor, the energy-saving effect will be more obvious on large motors. Based on previous cases, VFD can save 20% energy in grinder, or even 40% energy-saving effect in some applications.

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