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Variable Frequency Drive for Three Phase Power System

GK3000 series Three Phase Variable Frequency Drives are high performance, current vector and low noise VFDs. ATO 3-phase VFD is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications requiring speed variation and control, such as general fan and pump type load, and can also be widely used in automation equipment control of textile, stone-sawing, air pressure, oil field, coal mine, etc. It can also provide integrated solutions for ball mill, injection molding, intelligent motor and other applications.

  • Sensorless vector control (SVC), the optimized low frequency torque boost.
  • Unique Sink design and advanced switching mode power supply technology.
  • Circuit protective technologies and new component improve the anti-interference ability.
  • Preset frequency, the adjustable central frequency for swing frequency control.
  • Built-in PLC or terminals implement multi-speed operation.
  • Control mode: Optimized SVPWM.
  • Automatic energy saving, optimize V/F curve to save the energy.
  • Switch input channel, Forward and Reverse instruction, 8 channels programmable switch input, which can be set respectively35 kinds of functions.

Three Phase VFD Capacity: 1 hp - 500 hp, three phase 50/60Hz 208V, 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 480V.
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General Specifications
Items Specifications
Input Voltage / Frequency 3AC 380~440V +15%; 50/60Hz
Range Voltage: ±20% voltage unbalance rate: <3%; frequency: ±25%
Output Rated voltage 0~rate input voltage
Frequency range 0Hz~400Hz
Frequency resolution 0.01Hz
Overload ability 150% rated current for 1 minute, 180% rated current for3 seconds
Control function Modulation modes Optimized space voltage vector SVPWM modulation
Control mode Sensorless vector control (with optimal low frequency, dead time compensation)
Frequency precision Digital setting: The highest frequency ×± 0.01% 
Analog setting: The highest frequency ±0.2%
Frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01Hz 
Analog setting: The highest frequency× 0.1%
Start frequency 0.40Hz~20.00Hz
Torque boost Auto torque boost, manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%
V/F curve Five ways: constant torque V/F curve, 1 kind of user defined V/F curve, 3 kinds of down torque curve(2.0/1.7/1.2 times the power)
Acc./Dec. curve Two ways: linear Acc./Dec., S-curve Acc./Dec.;
7 kinds of Acc./Dec. time, time unit (minute/second) optional, max. Time: 6000 minutes.
DC braking DC braking start frequency: 0~15.00Hz 
braking time: 0~60.0 seconds 
braking current: 0~80%
Energy consuming braking Energy consuming braking unit built-in, external braking resistor can be
Jog running Jog frequency range: 0.1Hz~50.00Hz, JOG Acc./Dec. time: 0.1~60.0s
PI built-in Easily constitute a close loop control system
Multi-stage speed running Multi-stage speed running available through built-in PLC or control terminals
Textile swing frequency Swing frequency available with preset and center frequency adjustable
Auto voltage regulation When the grid voltage changes, to maintain constant output voltage
Auto energy saving running Saving energy by auto optimizing V/F curve according to the load
Auto current limiting Auto current limiting to prevent frequent over current fault trip
Fixed-length control VFD stops when reaches the preset length
Communication RS485 standard communication port available, support MODBUS communication protocol of ASCII and RTU, master-slave multi-machine interaction function available
Running function Running command channel Control panel, control terminal, serial port 3 channels switchable
Frequency setting channel Control panel potentiometer: ▲,▼control panel keys, function code digital, serial port, terminal up/down, analog voltage, analog current, pulse, combination setting, all channels switchable
Switch input channel FWD/REV command: 8 channels programmable switch inputs, 35 kinds of function can be set separately
Analog input channel 4~20mA and 0-10V 2 optional analog inputs
Analog output channel 4~20mA or 0~10V optional, setting frequency and output frequency , etc. can be output
Switch/pulse output channel Programmable open collector output: relay output, 0~20KHz pulse output.
Control panel LED digital display Display setting frequency, output voltage, output current, etc.
External meter display Display output frequency, output current, output voltage, etc.
Key lock All the keys can be locked
Parameter copy Function code parameters are able to be copied between VFDs when use remote control panel.
Protection function Over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, overheating protection, over load protection, etc.
Optional parts Braking unit, remote control panel, cable, panel mounting feet, etc.
Environment Environment Indoors, free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, oil mist, steam, water dropper salt, etc.
Altitude Lower than 1000m (derating is necessary above 1000m)
Ambient temperature -10℃~+40℃
Humidity <90%RH, no condensation
Vibration Lower than 5.9m/s (0.6g)
Storage temperature -20℃~+60℃
Structure Protection level IP20 (In the selection of state display unit or the keyboard state)
Cooling Forced air cooling

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